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Friday, November 03, 2006

What has Novell done?

Right now I'm sick to my stomach.

What the hell was Novell thinking - are things really that desparate at Novell that they had to sell out Linux and the entire open source community to get some temporary market advantage? Are they really stupid enough to think that they will get anything of value out of Microsoft?

This is so bad in so many ways I can't even begin to describe them. What they have done is cast a cloud over Linux and the open source community to get a blessing from Microsoft.

My initial responses has been to:

1) I posted this message to John Dragoon's blog. John is the Chief Marketing Officer at Novell.

I have been a huge supporter of Novell and Suse.

In many ways I have gone out on a limb to support Suse and now you do this deal with Microsoft.

- Please tell us what Microsoft gets out of this deal?
- Besides suggesting that Linux has patent problems and forever being subserviant to Microsoft please tell us what Novell gets out of this deal?
- Besides impuning and insulting it - how does this help the open source community?

All I can see is that Novell has helped spread FUD about Linux and patent issues, stupidy hurt or possibly destroyed Suse, and damaged Linux.

I have always remember something I heard from a spokesman Novell long ago - In the long term no one has ever prospered by partnering with Microsoft.

Novell has done itself a disservice, insulted the open source community, and hurt Linux by this act.

Frankly I doubt it will ever makes it past the "moderation" process but we will see.

2) I have copied the same message to both Slashdot and Linux Today. We will see if it gets traction there.

Novell also has other blogs that merit consideration. Certainly Jeff Jaffe, Novell's Chief Technology Officer, has a blog that deserves our special attention.

I pray I'm wrong here - but we will see!

UPDATE: I have to give them credit - my comment was posted to Dragoon's blog, you can see it here.

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