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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who's more disgusting?

First up is a Clinton Supporter throwing a fit in DC today (via Pam's House Blend):

Next is the Catholic Priest going over the top mocking Saint Hillary:

By-the-by, his premise that the Clinton's believe they are "entitled" seems fairly accurate to me.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

John Cole's category 57

Over at Balloon Juice I discovered that John Cole had come up with the category "I Can No Longer Rationally Discuss The Clinton Campaign" as a way to file posts - from the URL it appears to he his category 57.

His latest entry by the way is "Another Day, More Bullshit" which begins with the line:
Another bucket of bullshit from Camp Clinton:
And I thought I despised them! Cole has taken contempt to whole new levels of perfection.

I really appreciate his efforts. Its great seeing an expert at work.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The enemy of my enemy ain't my friend -

As a Dem and a long time opponent of Heather Wilson I have to admit pangs of sympathy for her right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted that Pearce has an excellent chance of beating her but its really stunning that the Repubs would elect Pearce instead of her - don't they know he has zero chance of winning in November?

Heather got elected and stayed in office because she voted like a Democrat as long as it economically mattered to her District and the State and never had to face a real Republican opponent. That plus the divine protection of the Albuquerque Journal and Saint Pete was more than enough to win her elections. She used the appearance, actually the illusion, of moderation to attract Independents and Democrats to beat a string of Democratic opponents. She got all the Republican votes because they don't split tickets like Dems do however they never really liked her. Now she faces Pearce in a closed primary and all her Independent and Democratic friends can't do much to help her.

Pearce is a guy who votes like a real Republican which is bad, bad news for the Labs and the State. He really is Udall's dream come true because, as I've said before, this election is all about jobs so folks will vote their economic interests which in a Udall - Pearce race will be Udall. (In a Wilson - Udall race that's a much fuzzier calculation.)

To think I worked against Heather all these years and it will be the Repubs that blow her away just because she's not a big enough wacko to suit their tastes! Now that's a case where the enemy of my enemy ain't my friend!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Huckabee jokes to fellow gun fanatics

I continue to be amazed.

To make a joke about assassination is fairly amazing but it reveals their mindset and plans - to paint Obama as a coward who won't stand up for the US.

One thing to be sure of - Republicans are Republicans even if they are a preacher. Ethics, honesty, & decency aren't something they value much.

Lets wait and see what the great uniter, John McCain, has to say about this -

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is way to funny!

Just when we all needed some comic relief this makes its way around the web.

Over at the Stranger in an article titled "Way To Not Look Like Crazy Cult Members, Guys" there are some great comments about this graphic. Here are a few of the best leaving out the more obscene suggestions:

  • The artist who drew this should be beaten with a length of lead pipe.
  • Why do I suddenly feel like listening to BeeGees music?
  • Are you suggesting most Americans don't understand irony? Elitist!
  • Can I get that on black velvet?
  • look again, this clearly can't be obama: he's not walking on water.
  • This is SO going on my van! soon as Solid Gold is over.