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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Joe Campos has his 20%

Good news - I'm hearing that Joe Campos has got 20% of the votes in yesterday's Democratic Party Pre-Primary Convention and will be on the ballot for the LT' Gov's position June 1st. He made it by the barest of margins but he made it!

Now the question is what else is going on and why haven't the election results been released? Also, still unanswered is what will Jerry Ortiz y Pino and Linda Lopez do next? At 5% of the ballots its likely that Lopez is gone but that's not news to anybody I know. Her vote with Republicans to elect Tim Jennings President Pro Tempore of the Senate and against the Democratic Party had many questioning her loyalty to the Party well before she announced her run for the Lt. Gov's position. That plus her massive support for the SunCal project and efforts to prevent any ethics reform in the State Senate gained her many enemies in the Democratic Party. In short her campaign was over before it began. Ortiz y Pino is a different issue since its likely he has enough signatures to get on the ballot but yet another shakeup in his campaign is likely if he continues to fight on.