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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hector, Lem help!!!!!!!!

Calling Lem Martinez & Hector Balderas, I have a question - are either of you gonna run for Congress?

Please consider it - I fear Heather will wipe the floor with Martin Heinrich. It will be a joke - not even close. I don't know who has put it in Martin's head that he can win - probably the D triple C but you know their track record in this district. Please don't let this happen. Martin's a nice guy but needs a few gray hairs before he takes on a filthy viper like Heather.

I need at least the delusion of hope and there is no hope in a Martin - Heather race.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Martin Heinrich, dead before arrival!

I like Martin Heinrich just fine but this piece if true is stupid beyond belief. Does the Gov. actually believe this? No, Richardson ain't that stupid. What races has Martin run and won? What else has he done?

If Pete D. doesn't bail out of his Senate race Heather and the Abq. Journal will paint Martin as a light-weight pretty boy that just not ready for prime time. She will beat him badly.

If Pete bails as I and many, many others expect and Heather runs for Senate - Darren White, the person the Repubs have lined up to run in her stead, will do the law and order gig on Martin and tear him apart.

For my fiends at Democracy for New Mexico they will do the same thing to Eric Greigo - we need somebody that's gone out and done something to run else it won't be worth the effort.

Although I would happily vote for either Martin or Eric we shouldn't delude ourselves - neither can win against Heather or Darren.

Sunday, April 08, 2007 - the concatenator!

Somebody needed a program to put 4 contiguous lines of a file on the same line starting from the beginning of the file and going to the end.

Well, here it is with a simple improvement - you can set the number of lines to concatenate. One notice - this works on Linux - Unix files. A Perl program to convert Windows files with carriage returns (\r) and end of line (\n) characters to Unix/Linux files with only end of line characters can be found here.

You can find this program here.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Author: Michael W Folsom
# April 8, 2007
# USAGE: ./ num_lines_to_concat input_file_name
# PURPOSE: To cocatenate date from X contiguous lines to a single
# line. For example if the data is organized like so:
# 1
# 2
# 3
# 4
# And the program is told to convert 4 lines to 1 you would get:
# 1 2 3 4

# stash the number of arguments
# $#ARGV + 1 is ARGC in C, C++ land
$argNumber = $#ARGV + 1;

sub usageStatement {
print "\nUsage: ./ num_lines_to_concat input_file_name\n\n";

if($argNumber != 2) {

# use the open command to open the input file for reading
open(FILE, $ARGV[1]);

$numLines = $ARGV[0];
$newStr ="";
$i = 0;

while () {
# chop off newline character

# chugger through file X lines at a time and build up new
# output line
if($i < $numLines) {
$newStr = $newStr . $_;
if($i < $numLines) {
#print "\t";
$newStr = $newStr . "\t";
# got data from X lines, print and add a new line
else {
print "$newStr \n";
$i= 0;
$newStr = "";

# if number of lines not equal to 4 then print out remainder
if($newStr) {
print "$newStr\n";