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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fire Valerie Jarrett now!

Would somebody please tell Obama and his idiot adviser Valerie Jarrett that homosexuality isn't a "lifestyle choice"! Who would of thought that one of Jessie Helm's protoge's could get a Senior Advisor job in the Obama White House. We are so screwed! To see one of Obama's advisor's actually and really use this phrase in context go to the 4:15 mark in the video - the actual words "lifestyle choice" are spoken at approximately 4:34.

Valerie Jarrett should be fired immediately or resign and Obama needs a trip to a re-education camp.

As has been said before - anybody that thinks the LesBiGay Community will get anything out of the Obama Presidency is simply out of their minds.

Found via FireDogLake - actual article about the interview is at the Washington Post site.

UPDATE: As pointed out elsewhere in all my outrage I really can't forget that this "lifestyle statement" was made while discussing the suicide of a 15 year old child. Fire Valerie Jarrett now!