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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Absentee Voter Warehouse

I spend the last 2 days organizing and counting votes in Bernalillo's Absentee Voter Warehouse.

Right now I'm exausted and probably the worst thing about it was counting all the Heather votes that were flowing in. It was clear to me Monday night that unless Patsy was ahead by a good margin when those votes were added in she was in trouble. Things weren't any better when I went to bed last night and heard that Patsy was only 800 votes ahead. Therefore I wasn't suprised to hear the lead had changed overnight and that Heather was now ahead by a thousand votes.

Did something weird happen in the dead of night at the Warehouse? I don't know. I have a fundamental problem with the fact that Heather's employee's were all over the place - handling ballots without much supervision. There were Democratic Watchers but Heather's people know the process and if any vunerabilities exist they would know how to exploit them.

Right now I'm tired and just a bit sick.

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