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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Heather for Senate!

She's arrived alive, Saint Pete will retire in a year, and she will be running hard for the Senate in 2008! Watch for field trips to Northern and Southern New Mexico.

My guess is that she will win big in the South, break even in Albuquerque, and loose in the North. I'm sickened to say it but she can win!

NM-01 and a Senate seat will be open in 2008 - let the race begin!

You heard it here first!

UPDATE!: While spending 4 more hours at the Absentee Voter Wharehouse, this time as a Challenger, it was suggested to me that Steve Pearce was also interested in Pete's seat. Apparently a poll exists showing that Republican Party members would vote prefer him over Heather. So, at least the possibility exists of Pearce - Wilson primary race. Personally I don't think it will happen because the Republican Party won't allow it. Pearce isn't nearly as electable statewide as Heather. I can't see him doing well in NM01 and he will have to break even there so he can take the loss in el Norte.

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