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Thursday, November 09, 2006

No joy in mudville -

The Dems won just about everything in the state but it looks very, very bad for NM01. The hated Leather Heather looks like she has sneaked through. All her work of patting the heads of old folks has paid off yet again.

What about 08 - my guess is that she is off to try for the Senate but I could be wrong. Will Patsy run again - don't know but since we won't have the wind to our back this time it will be harder to win. Also, McCain's future is looking up. Allen, one of the largest wingnuts in the Republican party was trashed Tuesday so he's out of the race for Prez. That leaves McCain with one less opponent. That's good for him and if McCain makes it to the top of the ticket it will help Heather whatever she does.

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