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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Heather Wilson's Greatest Hits, lie-detectors

I'm really suprised that no political candidate has ever taken Heather to task for being a big proponent of lie-detectors and her cynical use of them for political gain.

In an Oct 20, 2006 Albuquerque Journal article by Alan Zelicoff titled DOE Quietly Backs Away From Voodoo of Polygraphs we get some real insight into Heather's involvement into the whole polygraph mess that did so much damage to the National Labs. Here's the critical part of the article - after announcing the fact that the DOE had rescinded its stupid, destructive, pseudo-scientific lie-detector screening program Zelicoff goes on to discuss the winners and loosers created by the change of policy .....

"The losers include Rep. Heather Wilson, the then responsible lab managers, Richardson and agencies that continue to rely upon polygraphs.
Wilson, D-N.M., originated the DOE polygraph legislation in 2000 as a member of the House Intelligence Committee. She repeatedly touts her “science and engineering training at the Air Force Academy” as her guiding philosophy. Yet, Wilson ignored all of the scientific literature provided to her on the uselessness of polygraph screening.
Her judgment appears as self-serving rather than the stuff of principled leadership. Since her re-election in this election — perhaps the closest of her career, may be the ticket to a Senate seat, voters should examine her rhetoric and record."
Here's to her decisive defeat next Tuesday!

Heather - don't let the screen door hit you on your way out of NM!

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