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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lets rename the County Clerk as the County CIO

Frankly I didn't expect to spend the last two days on Novell. Certainly I didn't expect to spend any time on Microsoft. But the fates take you where they will.

Polls open in about 58 hours and I'm still not sure what my job will be. I may be at the Absentee Warehouse, a place they stash all absentee ballots and early voting machine till they mess things up for real on election day, or work at one of the polling stations.

During Election Protection training today it became clear the fate of absentee ballots isn't necessarily a pretty one. Ballots can be tossed for any number of reasons during the entire process and you as a voter will never know it happened. As I listened to the things that happen to a ballot during processing it became clear that we have a real IT problem here. I fear the Clerk's office is misnamed and the title incorrect - I'm starting to see that we need a Bernalillo County CIO instead of a Clerk. The days of a Clerk are long gone.

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