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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sun explains why it choose GPL for Java

and reading what Jonathan Schwartz says it seems that the Novell - Microsoft agreement did have something to do with their decision. From his blog:
"And in closing, I want to put one nagging item to rest.

By admitting that one of the strongest motivations to select the GPL was the announcement made last week by Novell and Microsoft, suggesting that free and open source software wasn't safe unless a royalty was being paid. As an executive from one of those companies said, "free has to have a price."

That's nonsense.

Free software can be free of royalties, and free of impediments to broadscale, global adoption and deployment. Witness what we've done with Solaris, and now, what we've done with Java. Developers are free to pick up the code, and create derivatives. Without royalty or obligation.

Those that say open source software can't be safe for customers - or that commercially indemnified software can't foster community - are merely advancing their own agenda. Without any basis in fact.

They're also fighting a rising tide."
As someone who has constantly criticized Sun I have to offer my congrats to them for doing the right thing. Now if they could put together an multi-processor opteron box at a sane price point I could reward them with some buisness.

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