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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Whistling past the graveyard

Looks like McCain may have done it. In the final analysis I've always believed that the Republicans care more about winning than some old internecine fight that got started years ago. But still I'm a bit surprised its actually happened.

So, for the Hillary fans - answer me this - how does Hillary beat John McCaine especially since her candidacy will guarantee that every right wing nut in the Country will show up to vote against her and every other Dem on the ballot?

McCain will beat Hillary easily. When will the Democrats learn that somebody who believes in something always beats somebody who believes in nothing?

McCain has no sleaze - the Clinton's are all about sleaze. After 8 years of the Bushies that's something that Americans are tired of and will run from.

McCain is brutally honest - well what does one say about Hillary? She just gives us her annoying laugh that says she's fixing to lie again.

In a McCain vs Hillary race he will take ever state starting in Arizona and moving east to Georgia and South Carolina. Then he will win all the states moving up from Florida to North Carolina. This along will all of middle America and the northern tier of states should pretty much do it. Hillary may win Michigan or Illinois but I kind'a doubt it.

Hillary is a disaster for the Democratic Party - she will certainly loose the election but my fear is that whe will also loose the House and the Senate.

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