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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday morning disgust

The 100% Corporate owned candidate, Hillary, won Nevada. The shinning example of a Democrat that doesn't believe in anything except what the pollsters tell her is headed to the nomination. Unless she is stopped soon its all over.

The only good news in this whole mess is that if she gets the nomination when she looses, she will loose - I know of no Independent that will vote for her and we need Independents to win, we will be done with the Clintons forever. Right now I'm just hoping that McCain gets the Publican nomination - he's the least disgusting of the pack.

Wolf just had the ultimate example of the DLC on, Senator Evan Bayh, and mentioned the rumor that he was a possible VP choice. Now that's a ticket that won't get the base excited - Hillary and a DINO (Dem in Name Only) Senator. Think I'm gonna be sick.

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