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Monday, January 07, 2008

Kristol - useless as usual

HuffPo covers Bill Kristol's arrival at the NYT in their own style - the title: If We Ignore Him, Maybe He'll Go Away and content - a single link to Kristol's first NYT article explains their view of the event.

However, a reader's comment is even better!
"That's it? This is what we got from that great intellectual giant? This is what everybody and their grandmother grabbed pitchforks and fire over? Any average reader of the current political scene could have written that column. The real story here is how full of shit Kristol is. The GOP is terrified of a Huckabee nomination."
The sad fact is that's also true for about 99.5% of today's press corps. Their job seems to rehash the obvious and explore the mundane.

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