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Sunday, January 20, 2008

My brain is exploding!

David Brooks via The Daily Dish:

David Brooks says that "the people in the Bush White House think Hillary Clinton is better qualified to be President" and "I think its genuine, they like Hillary Clinton, the people in the Bush White House think Hillary Clinton is serious on the war she's serious on foreign policy they would entrust (they would trust) their legacy to Hillary Clinton more than to Obama and more frankly than a lot of the Republican Candidates"

Its almost impossible to know where to begin on this - does David Brooks actually believe this to be true? That a highly partisan White House would prefer a Dem than a Republican to take over? That they trust Hillary Clinton more than John McCain to deal with the war? Is David Brooks that gullible?

Certainly its spin - but for what purpose? Somehow I think Karl Rove is sitting somewhere laughing his ass off knowing that the Dems are on the verge of being saddled with Hillary while she's receiving praise from the Bushies. Enough to cause a bunch of good Dems to slash their wrists.

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