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Friday, January 25, 2008

Democrats - abandon all hope - The HillBill Show is on the air!

For all those into Hillary worship I suggest a tiny taste of what's coming this fall came last night from Mitt Romney's response when he quipped "Bill Clinton back in the White House with nothing to do is something I just can't imagine. I can't imagine the American People can imagine it"

You can expect Republican talking point to begin to "raise" Bill's zipper in oh so many ways. They were just holding off till they felt Hillary had things locked up. Perhaps Mitt jumped the gun a bit, guess he just couldn't resist - it was a great line.

I can see the string of comments and jokes headed our way about what's happening in the West Wing and how Hillary has locked up the Interns because Bill is on the prowl (slurp-slurp, gurgle-gurgle). I have zero doubt that Bill's zipper will play a role in the election - the Publicans are just too smart to miss the opportunity. Their job will be to induce Clinton fatigue well before the election and ridicule and disgust is one of their most powerful tools in that process. The Clinton Camp's Swiftboating of Obama is only a prelude to the real race to come. They like to talk about how the Repubs will tear Obama apart - soon we will see what the real paid, professional experts of the Republican Party can do. It ain't gonna be pretty - the Clinton's have given them so much to work with.

Personally I am disgusted by the Clintons and can't imagine voting for 4 more years of the BillAry show. While moving a moron out of the White House we don't need to move White Trash in. My only hope is that the Publicans will get a clue and nominate John McCain so all the HillBill haters in the DemParty like me will have somebody to vote for.

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