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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Futility of NM's Feb. 5th Caucus

For any of us caught up in the preparations for the Feb. 5th Dem Caucus the post at The Huffington Post is likely to be depressing. In it while analyzing some exit polling at the Michigan the following statement was made:
Looking toward the future, the Michigan exit poll demonstrates the viability of the Clinton campaign strategy of winning solid majorities in states that, unlike Michigan and South Carolina, do not allow participation of either Republicans or independents in their "closed" primaries, like the February 5 contests in New York, Connecticut, Colorado and Arizona. Many very large February 5 states, however, including California, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia, have open primaries that will give Obama a chance to pull in independent voters.
They don't even mention New Mexico in the list of states that have "closed" primary states.

Let's hope this is the last one.

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