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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Who got YouTube to remove Ch 7's interview with Heather?

Until late last week you could find this 1995 video of Ch 7's (KOAT TV) investigation into "The Missing File Incident" and their reporter's interview with Heather Wilson at YouTube:

This whole thing has been the subject of speculation for years. What was in the file about her husband and why did she have it moved once she took over the State Children, Youth, and Families Department? The appearance of this video on YouTube reignited and esculated the whole issue. Rumors have been running around for years but none of her opposing candidates have dared to bring them up.

Here's a listing of the articles that have shown up since the arrival of the YouTube video clip:

On The Raw Story an article enttled: "Congresswoman on page board buried file on husband's child abuse allegation"

On albloggerque a posting titled ""Lost" Police Incident Report...Is This What Heather Wilson "Lost" 13 Years Ago?"

On Daily Kos a post titled "NM-01: Police Report Hidden by Wilson Is Found (Updated)"

And finally the Albuquerque Journal published an article last Friday, 10-20-06, entitled "Wilson's Report Story Resurfaces", section B - page 1.

An interesting question is why was the YouTube clip removed. From conversations with the person who placed it there I'm told "someone" complained that it infringed on Channel 7's, KOAT's copyright. However, since this type of complaint can be filled electronically he is not sure who really complained. Prehaps someone should call Channel 7 and ask.

If I find more articles on the topic I'll update this post.......

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