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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Re: Nov. 7th, some early thoughts -

I'm scared.

I just don't believe that Rove & Company are gonna walk away for the House that easily. Something is gonna happen. There is too much dirt hidden there for the Dems to sort through. Can you imagine the hearings that are gonna happen and the little oopsies that the Republicans are gonna have to explain? And, lets not forget the little side deals to Mickey Dee's (McDonald - Douglas), LockMart (Lockeed Martin), Halliburton & a host of others that have been happening for the last X years that may show their dirty faces. This could make Watergate and other big scandals look trivial.

No, this ain't over yet. So far the only good thing is that Dem early vote & absentee ballots are comming in at about 1.5x the rate that Republican's are. If this trend continues that's gonna make the Republican GOTV effort pretty hard to manage. Problem is that the Republican can still show up the day of the election so make sure you and all your friends have gotten their ballots in by the 7th. I'm hoping things aren't crazy that day but the polls may be hell.

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Sassy Sundry said...

We're scared on the east coast too. The whole Diebold thing has me very nervous. For some reason, though, I still foolishly have hope.