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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Abq. Tribune endorses Madrid, Abq. Journal endorses Wilson

The title says it all -

The Journal is basically a Republican paper that endorses Dems when it doesn't have a choice. They have loved Heather ever since she flew into town years ago, covered up for her whenever they could, and just can't understand why a hugh chunk of Albuquerque detests the ground she slimes upon.

The Tribue is somewhat the opposite except it has a bit more ethics in its editorial page. Its endoresment is interesting because they are so annoyed right now with Madrid. You see she wouldn't have more debates to stroke their personal egos. After all the press does need to feel important even if its totally irrelevant. Frankly besides them and a few other members of the establishment press no one else really cares. Madrid's time is much better served shaking hands in Abq's south valley than giving a few brainless reporters something to snipe about.

And yes a big yawn was had by all -

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