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Monday, August 01, 2011

Martin Heinrich votes for Corporate Interests to pass bad debt ceiling deal

Just got an email from Martin Heinrich explaining why he sold out the base of the Democratic Party and its core values and voted for this horrid debt ceiling deal. Here it is:

Dear Michael,

Today I voted for a bill to raise the debt ceiling. This was a tough choice between a flawed bill that increases the debt ceiling or plunging America’s economy back into recession.

It's clear that Tea Party Republicans care more about winning the next election by scoring some cheap political points, then creating jobs and improving our economy.

However, I was elected to Congress to make tough decisions, and today I did so for the good of our country.

We needed to pass this bill in order to avoid a global financial meltdown, and I voted to make sure that did not happen.

With the debt ceiling behind us, we can now turn our full attention to the issues that matter most to New Mexicans: job creation, strengthening Medicare, shoring up Social Security, ending the wars abroad and bringing our troops home. If we can get this done, our economy will be the better for it.

That is my focus. And that is what you deserve.


Martin Heinrich
His stated rational is fabricated processed bullshit. The real reason he pissed on the base is that he's running for Senate and needs to prove to Wall Street, the Big Banks and the DC Corporate Dem Elites that he's their guy and will be there for them when the going gets ruff. They don't have to take the progressive stuff too seriously - he will sell out the base whenever its handy. A token of his loyalty to the Corporate Overlords, like kissing the golden ring, so they will write the big checks to fund his campaign. It might also be to give cover to Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall when they cave. I can't imagine he voted for this without consulting them first.

Since I have publicly promised never to vote for a Dem that voted for this mess I guess Martin's history. We will see if I add Tom Udall to that list. I fear Jeff B. is a lost cause. He thinking about his future as a Corporate Lawyer or Lobbyist in DC where he will make the real bucks. We already know how he will vote.

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