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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More nonsense over at OpenLeft

In response to this posting by Chris Bowers where he continues his endless argument that the good little progressives need to fall in line with the Mighty Obama I responded with the comment below:
Chris -

Time to get over it - you're not convincing anyone with these lists of talking points. Isn't it just possible we need to kill the bill because it is a bad bill and a political disaster for the Democrats? You're living in the weeds - time to stand up and take a broader view of this mess. I believe that this bill will forever tie the Democrats to the Insurance Companies - we will own them as they already own our leadership.

As I said elsewhere this is a political disaster for the Dems of the first order. There is lots of bad things in this bill but the worst is the mandate. I don't care what the polls say about support for a mandate - that's a theoretical mandate when it gets real and folks start getting fined for not having insurance we, I mean the Democrats, will be blamed as we should be. Once folks find that the minimal insurance to escape the fine is junk we will be blamed. Once folks spend hours comparing insurances and trying to make a decision on which one to take out because we are forcing them to do so we will be blamed. Once insurance companies start raising rates on all the newly insured folks we will be blamed. Once they start fighting with the parasites of the Insurance Industry to pay for stuff they thought would be covered we will be blamed. And, every time they make their monthly premium payment we will be blamed. And boy will they be motivated to vote! This should increase turnout by at least 10% or more. The party will be wiped out.

Personally, the Republicans could not have devised a better plan to destroy the Democratic Party if they had all the money and time in the world. Obama and Company have sold the Democratic Party to the Insurance Companies and we have bought into the disaster hook, line and sinker. We own Health Insurance now and may god have mercy on our soul because every nasty thing those villains do we will be blamed for and, as we all know, you can expect them to do a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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