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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Democratic Party - The End

Something I've been thinking for a while now has nicely been stated over at Democratic Underground in a post by Yavin4.

Turns out that the Health Care Reform (HCR) act is more than just a gift to the Insurance Industry. Its actually setting the Democratic Party up to be a fall guy for all that the Insurance Companies do in the future. As Yavin4 so nicely puts it:
This HCR amounts to a merger between the Democratic party and the health insurance industry. Every rate hike, every denial of coverage, every annual benefit cap, every dirty trick thought up by the evil people who populate these industries will become the property of the Democratic party, lock, stock and barrel.
I hope all the money that Rahm & Company gets for selling us out is worth it because when the bill starts coming in its gonna be hell on wheels.

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