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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Quelle Horreur! I'm banned from posting on the Daily Kos!

Dropped by the Daily Kos a few minutes ago and found this (see contents of red box, to enlarge click on image):

Wow! So what caused this? Well, here is the posting that apparently gave them a wedgie:
Obama has been telling us that he will happily gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for years starting with the filthy creeps he appointed to his Deficit Commission.

He is a coward that doesn't care about anything but making peace with the Republicans who hate him. He has bowed and scraped before them and is foolish enough to think that they will be responsible in the end. What an idiot!

The Repubs have been wanting to kill Social Security for years and now they have Obama to do their dirty work. Obama has already started to defund it and we can only guess what is next.

When will KOS and Company stand up to his betrayals and call him our for what he is - a coward and a traitor to the Democratic Party and its most basic principles!

Maybe the Greens will run somebody so I can vote - I won't be voting for Obama.

My guess is the last sentence was the one that went over the line. Probably the preceding one didn't help either. Sadly, this is just more evidence that KOS and Company have no stomach to take on Obama. I guess access to the power players in the White House is more important than little things like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

I have always wondered if the folks that run the Daily Kos weren't just a bunch of mindless Obama sycophants. Well wonder no more because here's the proof. If my statement was enough to get me banned from posting on the Daily Kos so be it - I'm banned! They of course offer me the possibility of being "unbanned" if I will only just click on the box and promise never to "advocate for a third party" again. Think I'll give the box clicking a pass, being exiled by a bunch of Obama sycophants is OK with me - for a liberal it really is the only honorable place to be. By the way this post got 12 votes of support, that's the most support any of my posts on the Daily Kos have ever gotten. It's now clear to me that the Daily Kos isn't a place for progressives - it is just another tool of the Corporate Democratic Establishment to keep us lefties in line.


Johnny said...

Thought crime!

Marcos has a lot of nerve censoring people who want to vote third party, when that sleazebag used to be a Republican! There's a letter someone dug up that he wrote to a newspaper when he was a Republican, opposing gays in the military. That's quite a skeleton to have in the closet, he used to be a dimwit who hated gays. How embarrassing.

Colin Brace said...

I came to realize awhile back that a site like that serves to channel discontent about the Dems within certain acceptable boundaries, but I never would have thought it would be as blatant as this. Thanks for sharing this and enlightening us.

Michael said...


Thanks for the comment - its info about Marcos I didn't know.


I agree - places like the Daily Kos and Democratic Underground seems to be Party sponsored rooms for progressives to go scream and then come home, shut up and do as they are told.

I'm reorganizing my links to reflect that fact.

Anonymous said...

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