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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Albuquerque Republican Journal endorses Darren!

Well this is a shocker! ((Not!))

This morning, Albuquerque's Republican paper, the Journal endorsed White for CD1, Tinsley for CD2 and Lujan for CD3. They have followed their old, established pattern - they endorse Republicans except when the Democrat is gonna win by a huge margin. The same will hold true for the Senate and Presidential races - expect an endorsement for Udall and McCain. Udall because he is fixing to trash Pearce and McCain because that is just who they are.

The fact that the Albuquerque Journal is a Republican paper isn't a surprise to anybody interested in NM politics. They work hard to get Republicans elected and to keep them in office - proof of this comes easily from a quick review the coverage they gave/give Heather Wilson and Saint Pete. Their reporter in DC routinely gushed all over himself in praise for the pair. Beyond this coverage headlines and articles were routinely constructed as setup pieces to unfairly tarnish their opponents. Heather has made heavy use of them in the past. Who can forget all those advertisements over the years that have featured Journal articles to slam her opponent.

For the life of me I simply can't understand why any Dem subscribes to the Journal. Its a filthy rag and we can only hope that one happy day it will disappears and die. Who needs another spokesperson for the Republican Party? They already have Fox News.

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