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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Political Pete

So, now Saint Pete wants us to believe he has jumped ship on the Iraq War.

Nonsense - he's still Bush's rubber stamp. He was his rubber stamp last month and will be his rubber stamp next month. This is about his election campaign not about what he actually believes.

From Feb. 2007 in Las Cruces - the obviously unwell Pajama Pete lectures us on the need to give the surge a chance. On that day he still supported Bush and his Iraq War.

Based on Pete's February performance a few suggestions to his handlers:

1) don't do any debates!
2) don't do any public appearances!
3) pray that the Albuquerque Journal keeps its subscribers and continues to protect Pete from all enemies. It worked hard for him during the Iglesias affair but Pete will need them more than ever to stay hidden through this election. They are his best hope for success.

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