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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Iglesias for Congress!

On the front page of the Journal we were greeted this morning with the Saint Pete's apology. Of course he assured us that he wasn't trying to influence the course of the investigation - just gathering some information. And of course that had NOTHING to do with him wanting Justice to fire Iglesias. As per normal, the servile sycophants at the Journal bought it all hook, line, and sinker -

The whole mess continues to bubble in the press and on liberal and progressive blogs all over the place so who knows where it goes next. Unfortunately this won't change Saint Pete's re-election prospects - he will be re-elected, pj's and all. After all he already has the vote of his worship, the Mayor - Marty the First.

Next up is soon to be Ex Federal Attorney David Iglesias. He testifies Tuesday before Congress. Hopefully that will provide some entertainment next week.

Lets all hope that Iglesias does a hatchet job on Heather when he goes before Congress, comes back to Albuquerque, changes parties and announces his run for Congress.

Now that's a race I could get behind!

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