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Sunday, November 13, 2005

First post -

Why does this blog exist?

Before one of H D Thoreau's lectures an audience member once asked - What does he lecture for? I now find myself in a similar situation - why do I blog? Thoreau found the question frightening and so do I!

As an avid reader of newspapers, blogs, and the web in general I've come to the conclusion that the press lives in a different reality than I do. As an active Democratic I've also come to the conclusion that New Mexico's State Democratic Party as well as the Democratic National Committee also occupies a different reality than I do. Perhaps this along with a continuing need to comment on some of my other passions: the beloved OS's - Linux and Unix, cooking, gardening, photography, and dogs are the real reasons for this experiment. We will see what happens.

Hopefully you will find it at least informative - perhaps even interesting.

Again, we will see -


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